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PHASE 1: Configuration


PHASE 2: Fabrication


PHASE 3: Finishing






With a full understanding of industrial standards, we offer control panels that are built and configured to your specific needs often at a lower cost.


Backplate Assembly

With our own stock of metals, we prepare our own backplates for each of our non-standard control panels with all of the necessary components set in your specifications.



Each set of wiring is tagged with pertinent information to make sure all components are quickly and easily installed to meet your specifications.


Installation of Name Plates

Our custom engraving equipment allows our team to make sure all control buttons, panels, and pertinent information have a clean label that can withstand the rigors of your process line. Each control panel is fully labeled with the appropriate warning and certification labels, so you can focus on a quick installation of your control panels.



Our employees hand run all necessary wiring to make sure that your control panel is fully functional upon installation on your process line.